We designed and implemeted some of the main OS mechanisms on top of the Not Another Completely Heuristic Operating System (Nachos). The mechanisms in which we worked on are:

  • Console Input/output:
    • Asynchronous and synchronous.
    • PutChar system call.
    • EOF (End of File) Detection.
  • Multithreading:
    • User Threads.
    • Several Threads per Process.
    • Automatic Termination.
  • Virtual Memory:
    • Paging and Virtual Addresses.
    • Executing several user programs at the same time.
    • Implemeted a shell.
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • File System:
    • Implemented a directory tree.
    • IOpen Files Table.
    • Concurrent Access to Files.
    • Implementing files of variable size.

This project was part of the Operating System course project during the first year of my Masters degree. Teammates: Lucas Demarne, Paul de Montleau, Lucas Gisselaire.

Ali Salman
Ali Salman
Machine Learning Engineer

My interests include machine learning, computer vision and robotics.