3D Graphics

I created a space themed scene from scratch (modeling, rendering, animation) using Opengl and GLSL shader language in python:

  • Modeling: I used a some models (meshes) such as earth, moon, space capsule, satellite, astronaut, moon base, etc… I used hierarchical modeling for the satellite (antenna and solar pannels attached to the body). Blender was utilized for modifing the meshes.
  • Rendering: Implemented Lambertian and Phong models for lcoal illumination. I then used skybox with space textures. I also implemented Gaussian blur and fog effects.
  • Annimation: I used keyframes to animated the models in the schene:
    • Space capsule lands on the moon.
    • An astronaut moves from the capsule towards the settlement (moon base).
    • A satellite is rotating around the earth.
    • Keyboard controls for the models.

This project was part of the 3D Graphics course during the first year of my Masters degree.

Ali Salman
Ali Salman
Machine Learning Engineer

My interests include machine learning, computer vision and robotics.